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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Amazing Miracle
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Iron was not formed on the earth, but was sent down from sky ...... amazing !!!!
Modern astronomical findings have disclosed that the iron found in our world has come from giant stars in outer space.

Iron ingot

This is what the Quran Says 1,400 years ago :
And We also sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind… (Qur'an, 57:25)
( Iron is one of the elements highlighted in the Qur'an. In Surat al-Hadid, meaning Iron )

Now the another miracle in same Surah

Surat al-Hadid is the 57th in the Qur'an. The numerical value of the word "al-Hadid" in Arabic is 57. The numerical value of "hadid" on its own is 26. We also know 26 is the number of the iron atom. With the verse revealed in Surat al-Hadid Almighty Allah indicates how iron formed, and with the mathematical code contained in the verse He reveals to us a scientific miracle.

Iron also plays very important role for human health

Iron oxide particles were used in a cancer treatment in recent months and positive developments were observed .
In this treatment it is only the cancer cells that are affected by the magnetic field, since only they contain the iron oxide particles. The spread of this technique is a major development in the treatment of this potentially lethal disease. In the treatment of such a widespread disease as cancer, the use of the expression " iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind" (Qur'an, 57:25) in the Qur'an is particularly noteworthy. Indeed, in that verse, the Qur'an may be indicating the benefits of iron for human health. (Allah knows best.)

Nevertheless, this fact is related in the Qur'an, the Word of Allah, Who encompasses all things in His infinite knowledge.

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