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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Effective Steps to Manage Your Time

Many students believe that managing time is the most difficult process that affects their performance in universities and schools. Managing time skills should be wisely used to accomplish your goals. First of all ,assigning a weekly or a daily schedule is very important to identify your own assignment that you must do during this week or your day also this schedule will always remind you that there is a tasks not finished yet. Because this is a very important step to do, you should stick to your program by enforcing yourself to do it. Moreover, try to finish up the harder task first because it is a pleasure to finish it quickly. Don’t forget to reward your self by participating in a social event you like to do. In the second step, which is the most important stage, try to make your schedule more flexible by specifying a time in your day for such kinds of emergency, such as a sudden visit from your neighbor, or a friend .In this cases you must add as soon as possible this change to your schedule, then try to fix it again in such a way that fits with your objective for that day. Besides, don’t be frustrated or depressed when your task is not done yet, and try to postpone it to the second day which will keep you aware offer that mission. Finally, using these steps will enable you to improve your performance without affecting other areas in your life

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