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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

From Paul to Ahmad

Ahmed's Testimony

May Allah be pleased with him

Assalam Alaykoum

Dear Brother Sami here is my story of how i accepted Islam.

First of all aim a Greek Citizen. iam coming from an Orthodox Christian backround. Personally i always loved the belief in God, It was illogical to me to believe that the universe came to existence by accident.

My parents raised me like a Christian teaching that Jesus and God is one and the same thing. By growing up i started reading books about Science. I was totally believed that something that you cannot prove then is also useless to believe at it. So proof and faith or believe was the basic to judge anything for me and my life .

Therefore the existence of God became a lie for me, until to find proofs of His existence. Alhamdulila i found the Noble Koran. I still remember the day that i read the Koran and how my tears filled my eyes, and the reason was not about the description of God or the stories of the prophets, but the thing that touched me was the modern scientific facts that i read from the noble Koran , a book of 1400 years ago!.

So my story is very simple. I just read the noble Koran and my whole life changed, and my belief of the existence of God restored in my heart with proofs now from the Noble Koran. When i read the Koran i just said to my self " man! you cannot ignore the message that carries this book" Indeed it was very tough to ignore Koran, i just i couldn't ignore its teachings.

The next day i surfed on the net to find how can i becam a Muslim. Therefore i took the shahada, and i changed my name from Paul to Ahmed. Now i practice Islam as much as i can , i try to speak about Islam , and day by day i try to learn more and more about this beautiful faith.

Your brother in Islam

Ex Paul - Now Ahmed

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